Dear friends,

I sincerely hope this message finds you healthy and in good spirits.

Certainly, this time of the Coronavirus pandemic is a challenge for you, as it is for all of us. Moreover, challenges like climate change and social injustice still persist and are sources of worry and unrest all over the world.

It is important to meditate, to have a calm mind which has peace and serenity. Yet we don’t close our eyes and ears to suffering. As Buddhists, we have the responsibility to raise our voice and act if it can help sentient beings and this wonderful globe.

The summer issue of our European Buddhist Magazine aims to reflect on some aspects of this current state of the world, which is why we  have two  subjects in the title – Managing conflict and Connecting in the context of the Dharma. 

We are happy and proud to present you the thoughts of some very prolific authors: Prof. Robert Szuksztul sheds a light on how conflicts can be approached and solved in a Buddhist context.

Reverend Satya Robyn reflects on „Selfishness in the time of a crisis“ while Patrick Duhoux shares his personal experience with a difficult situation and how his Buddhist practice supported him in these trying times.

Finally, David Viafora and Simon Brenner explain why keeping contact with your Sangha and disseminating the Dharma through online tools are an opportunity, especially when physical contact becomes impossible.

Every crisis, as the proverb goes, is also an opportunity.

In this particular case, I believe it is a chance for us collectively and also for each one of us individually, which allows us to check whether we want to continue just as before, or if our course should be adjusted.

I am very confident that our planet will be a more healthy and beautiful one in the future, if we take this opportunity to look at ourselves and the way we live and deal with one another. We will have to have courage and endurance, and most of all, a mind of goodness.

All my best in the Dharma and stay healthy,

Ron Eichhorn / Mio Sop – President of the European Buddhist Union