The EBU was invited at two important Buddhist events, this year: the first was on 2019 2nd Religion and Culture in Conflict and Peace Conference (26/27 March), “Reconciliation and Peacebuilding in South Asia”. This international conference was organised in collaboration with The Nepalese Government’s Lumbini Development Trust, and provided a unique opportunity to stimulate critical investigation into all aspects of the role of religion and culture in conflict and peacebuilding. Find out more at At this event I presented a paper on Buddhism and PeaceBuilding.
The second event was the UN Day of Vesak conference, in Vietnam, in June this year. Together with the EBU President and other EBU members I attended the UN Day of Vesak conference in Vietnam. Again it was a huge and well organised event. Buddhists from all around the world attended and spent time bulding friendship and listening to talks. This year I was invited to present a paper entitled “Bodhisattvas , Global Citizens and sustainable Buddhism’ . In the paper I considered the importance of the concept of Global Citizenship and its connection with the philosophy and practice of the Bodhisattva, leading to action for a sustainable society.

Jamie Cresswell