Dear readers,

With great pleasure I present to you the second installment of our European Buddhist Magazine. In this issue, we offer some thoughts of our membership on two topics which are very relevant for us at this point in time: Ethics in Buddhism and Young Buddhists. Both subjects were also at the center of our discussions during the EBU’s Annual General Meeting in the UK last autumn.

Ethical behavior in a Buddhist context obviously became a very relevant topic in the light of many cases of sexual, emotional and physical abuse which have surfaced recently. In this number, you will find profound thoughts of distinguished members of our community on these matters. Also, the EBU strongly suggests to its members to introduce a Code of Conduct and Safeguarding measures, in order to help prevent the harm of practitioners of the Buddhist path in the future.

How do young people connect with the Dharma in our fast-moving world? This is the question we pose in the second section of this issue. You will find some quite personal takes from young Buddhists, coming from different countries and traditions, on how they found the Dharma and what it means for them to practice Buddhism.

Personally, I found it quite enlightening to read these thoughts and they reminded me of the time when I myself stepped on the path, in a time before the Internet and cell phones, shortly after the dinosaurs became extinct.

I wish you a joyful reading, which may inspire you as much as it did me!

With a deep bow and my best wishes in the Dharma,

Ron Eichhorn / Mio Sop JJN, President of the European Buddhist Union