If all the people in this world realized that the mind is one, and comprehended that they are actually utilizing one and the same mind, then world peace would come automatically. But the concepts of ‘my mind’, and ‘your mind’, as well as discrimination stem from individual karma. Consequently, the mind is used according to individual karma and that explain why everyone’s preferences, looks and thoughts are different.
But our original place of mind, which is the place of Buddha, has never any difference but is always equal, and is filled with great love and compassion.
All 10,000 things appear, grow and exist. That is why each individual, no matter how heavy karma they have, if they keep and use the mind the correct way, then that heavy karma will disappear. Gradually through the practice, the original mind can be
At the same time, it will be realized that all sentient beings are not different. They are one and are themselves. If this is realized, then the situations and sufferings of others will be thought of as their own situations and sufferings. So the desire is to help those who are suffering and do the best wholeheartedly. When others are comfortable and happy, one also becomes comfortable and happy.

But presently, until the original mind is attained, the karma “I” is thought to be the own “I”. Such kind of great confusion exists. That is why the self is separated from others. Because of that the wish is to be better than others and people want to show how good they are. At the same time, others are disliked and there is craving to take things from others, or harm and hurt others. These kinds of ignorant actions are done.
That is why Buddha instructs us to always keep the precepts and always listen to the teachings of Buddha, which is so precious. It is essential to listen and practice and realize the original mind and all ignorance disappears and wisdom shines. So, either
alive or dead, we can have a life without suffering, and happiness can be enjoyed by all sentient beings.World peace is therefore not impossible. It is possible, if we have the right view.
The difference between seeing the world when blindfolded, and viewing the world when the blindfold is taken off, cannot be described or expressed in words. Wearing that blindfold, one is trapped by confusion, illusions, delusions and fantasies that
arise from the resulting obscurity. However, suddenly removing the blindfold, makes it possible to comprehend the confusion created by the wrong vision of the world and understanding of wrong and erroneous concepts. One then realizes the great depth of negative karma that was created in that state of ignorance and darkness, within which one has remained for so long.
Realization, which is enlightenment, removes that blindfold so that the present can be seen clearly, as it is. With this new clarity, the correct thoughts, speech and actions appear. Hence, the right human functions and duties are performed, and
nobody is irritated, bothered or harmed. Rather, one becomes a person who is needed and valued by others and who automatically helps and cares for them unconditionally without calculating anything.
That is why Buddhism, which is the teaching of Buddha, helps to eliminate each individual’s blindfold in order to reveal what lies behind, namely the most precious treasure within oneself. It is, in other words, like discovering one’s own diamond. All
sentient beings have Buddha nature. And so, by practicing according to the teaching of Buddha, the ignorant blindfold can be cast away completely some day and thus one is able to view new horizons.
Therefore, having already discarded the blindfold, one has the capacity to see more clearly and wisely as a person. Consequently, it is possible to not only perceive the ignorant actions of others, who are still blindfolded, but also to imagine how they must feel. The person who has shed the blindfold has the mind of love and care for everyone because discomfort of life behind the blindfold is more easily realized. That is why the person, who has taken it off, has developed endurance because such true forbearance can only come from great love and compassion.

Even though there are over seven billion people in this world, each person has a different appearance, nature, personality and power. These characteristics are actually the “I” that comes from karma and, therefore, each person thinks, speaks
and acts according to that “I”, thus making it difficult to emerge from individual karma.
That is why it is difficult to attain clarity. It is like trying to see the sky through the dark clouds. So, serious refuge is taken in Buddha (the Absolute, the Truth), Dharma and Sangha, and practice is sincere and wholehearted in order to emerge from that
karma. Clear perception of situations will be gained subsequently. It will also be possible to ascertain if past actions, which were carried out before meeting the Three Jewels, were correct or incorrect, and ignorant or wise.
This ability to see oneself, and spontaneously repent for previous negative actions while also recognizing good deeds that were done, brings self-confidence. Though understanding others was difficult in the past, a new comprehension of people begins to dawn. At the same time, there is empathy to truly listen to their problems, and true understanding of the suffering of others, and sharing that pain together, occurs.
Compassionate friendship develops with everyone, reaching out to others like a brother or sister, and mother or father.
That is why when there is a change in dealing with others, their actions by way of response will be different, too. This transforms one into reaching out to people and truly caring for others, and will spontaneously attract their compliments and respect.
By doing so, whatever is the present cause for any situation, will also get altered. Previously, or in the past, when the cause was unclear, it usually veered towards negativity. But from now on, the cause goes in the direction of engaging in kind
deeds and goodness, with the wish and sincere attempt to be far away from negativity. Of course, this kind of cause always brings good effects, which means it brings favorable results and rewards.
That is why the teaching of the Dharma is the most precious Jewel.

This article consists of texts which originally appeared as the „Daily Fragrance of the Lotus Flower“, teachings which Supreme Matriarch Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim makes available to her students every single day since 1992, without interruption.
Supreme Matriarch Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim is a great Dharma master and the founder of the Yun Hwa Denomination of World Social Buddhism.